Highlights from Drinking About Museums: MW


The DAM All-stars assemble. You’re looking at conveners fr Denver, Boston, DC, NY, San Fran, and more.



2 responses to “Highlights from Drinking About Museums: MW

  1. Ed-

    Sure looked like fun, where was this? I want to attend the next one!


    Content • Design Collaborative LLC 433 Country Way, Scituate, MA 02066 781-378-1484 p 781-849-7910 f Water and culture in the southwest http://santafegreenway.wordpress.com

  2. Cool. This makes visiting museums fun. I hope those who aren’t aware with these kind of places especially those art fanatics can learn and go here. There’s actually a mobile app that acts like an art guide where it tells me where a specific painting or any art can be found. I hope there is also an app that shows tourist spots of different countries. Oh, btw, for those curious, the name of the art guide app is ArtGuru.

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