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Ed Rodley:

For those of you not at AAM, this discussion is worthy of your attention, especially the comments.

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There are a couple of questions that have started nagging at me when I look at museum websites, and particularly when I look at online collections. With the American Association of Museums annual meeting on in the States this week, it seemed like a good time to start asking them.

Are museum collections actually as important as we often say they are? I cannot count the number of times I have heard someone in a museum argue that the most important thing about the museum is its collection – and why wouldn’t they? Each museum’s collection is unique. It is here that museums can differentiate themselves. A local art museum can collect works of national and local importance, and use each to speak of its place in a community. A history museum can define its very purpose by those objects that it has acquired.

Even more than this, as Steven…

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Drinking About Museums: Boston – April recap and May date!

Greetings, friends and collaegues!

Another fabulous Drinking About Museums: Boston event happened last night. A group of about sixteen convened at the Museum of Fine Arts, where the marvelous Ms Jenna Fleming put together a great and informative presentation on the evaluation of the interactives in their  Behind the Scenes galleries in the Art of the Americas Wing.  Many thanks to Jenna and Lynn and all the MFA crew!

Jenna and Lynn with the paper prototype of their multitouch exhibit

Everybody loves visitor research results!

Afterwards, we adjourned to Church where, more folks joined us, shop was talked and plans hatched! Thanks to all of you who ventured out on a blustery night.

While we were there, plans were laid for the next few meetups.  Next month, we will be meeting at the Museum of Science, Boston, where Beth Amtmann and crew will demo some of the prototypes under construction for the Museum’s Upcoming Hall of Human Life exhibition.  Afterwards, we will adjourn across the street to Lingo for refreshments. So mark your calendars now:

May 10th, 5PM
Museum of Science, Boston, 1 Science Park, Boston, MA 02114
drinks following at Lingo, 15 Monsignor O’Brien Hwy, Cambridge, MA 02141

June and July look like they’re going to be at the Children’s Museum and the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park. Details to follow.

Drinking About Museums: Boston – April 26th, 6PM @ Church

Flickr image by Mr Kael

Hola comrades,

Sorry for the lateness of the reminder, but here it is. This month, we’ll be visiting the Museum of Fine Arts for the next Drinking About Museums: Boston. This month we have a new location: Church, at 69 Kilmarnock St, Boston, MA 02215
(617) 236-7600. See the map below for more.  Jenna says there is a lot nearby that might have free parking in the evenings. Call Church to check.

For those you who can skip out of work a little early, we’ll be meeting Ms Fleming and Co. in the Behind the Scenes gallery on the 1st floor of the Art of the Americas Wing, to try out some of their work and hear a little about the results of the evaluations of the spaces. She’ll be there at 4:15, and you’ll have to get yourselves into the Museum. We’ll plan on being over at Church a little before 6, so join us for some or all.



UPDATE:: If you have questions or get lost, DM me at @erodley