Monthly Archives: November 2011

And now the deep breath before the plunge…

Taking the plunge, from Flickr user Joffley

Hello, blog! Nice to see you again! How’ve you been?

What’s new? I managed to mail off the latest (and last?) draft of my thesis to my committee. Now, to wait until the defense date next week…

For the first time in forever, I don’t have it stuck in the back of my mind.  It’s a strange kind of calm. I like it.  So much more room to think!

So, have you read the Horizon Report 2011: Museum Edition yet? It was just announced at the MCN 2011 conference, and there’s a lot in it. More later…

Where does the time go?

Yikes! It’s the 14th already! I’m in the final throes of getting ready for a thesis defense and I’ve been letting other balls drop left and right, like our meetup. Sorry. Are folks still up for tomorrow night at CBC? I’ll be there and hope to see anybody who’s not at MCN, NEMA, or some other conference.

The MoS is hiring!

The Museum of Science is looking for an Exhibit Developer for a 6 month contract job. Interested? Details are here.